Applique Embroidery Designs - Buyers Guide

What is the cost of applique embroidery designs?

The costing can vary right from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. Since this is an art there can be no fixed amount for the designs. The costing of an applique embroidery design varies on a lot of parameters which would include the originality of the design, the make of the cloth and the intricacy needed in stitching the applique.

What are the various specialities in applique?

The various specialties of applique range from quilt blocks to embroidered shirts. Applique is a Big Topic since it includes not just traditional quilting applique, but molas and many ethnic textile techniques from around the world.

I have a specific requirement for an applique embroidery design– can it be custom designed for me?

Yes, the same can be done. The process is that there is an initial study of the requirement which would mean that you give end to end details of what you are looking at. Then a study of the details would be done followed by the mapping of the same to your likes. Care would be taken that the environment that the design would eventualy fall into is taken into consideration. Finally some templates would be suggested. Following a sign off on the design and commercials, the same could be made ready and delivered to you at your doorstep. Alternatively, once the design is signed off, you could buy the design and stitch it yourself.

How do I pay for the designs?

What is critical is knowing what exactly are the threads used and what is the kind of stitches provided. These are available in an electronic format by sellers, who provide these at a price which can be paid to them using your credit card or some other means as mentioned. Once you buy them, what you would get is an email giving the final product as a zipped attachment. Sometime you would get a license number where you could go and download the same from the sellers website.

Can I monthly subscribe for applique embroidery designs.

Yes, many sites do have a scheme where applique embroidery desings can be downloaded for a small monthly fee. The advantage is that you get a variety of designs to choose from. The advantage that the website gains is that it is assured of a recurring income.

Where can I buy some good applique embroidery designs?

a) Secrets of Embroidery : This site has over 2000 pages with a large appliqué collection and also applique embroidery designs tutorials.

b) ArtisticThreadWorks : You have unlimited design downloads with a small membership fee. This website has a well classified design library, which enables an easy search.

c) Shalin-Craft : This is famous for its hand embroidered appliqués.

d) America's Sewing & Embroidery Center : A hybrid website with a lot of information on applique embroidery designs as well as other forms of embroidery.

e) Embroidery Designs Our own digitized designs. $12.95 per set or $45.00 for everything. : Designs By Sick : This is a small site but contains some good unique designs on applique.

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