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What are hand embroidery designs?

Hand embroidery designing is the art of creating beautiful patterns on various types of fabrics with the help of numerous varieties of stitches. The entire work is done manually. It is indeed a time taking process but the results are amazing.

The key points to understand is the uniqueness and individuality of the embroiderer is tested and brought to the forefront. In fact, the popularity of a particular set of designs can be linked the particular embroiderer. Free Hand embrodiery designing is the same art with the distinguished feature of no pivots OR to put it in simpler terms, without any reference points.

Now what does embroidery-designs-guide have to offer you in this topic. What we have done is to make things simple; we have subgrouped this into four subtopics, the first being

a) Essentials guide to Hand embroidery designs - This focuses on the basic steps needed in knowing the art of hand embroidery.

b) Techniques guide to Hand Embroidery designs This focuses on the various stitches that are involved in successful hand embroidery.

c) Sellers guide to Hand embroidery designs This focuses on you as a seller of hand embroidery designs.

d) Buyers guide to Hand embroidery designs This focuses on important tips you need before you make that all important purchase of hand embroidery designs.

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