Sellers Guide To Hand Embroidery Designs

What are the various hand embroidery designs that can be created?

The various specialties of hand embroidery designs can range from small petal flowers to large landscapes. There are no limits when it comes to defining the range since this can be well suited for napkins till designer dresses.

How much time does it take to learn hand embroidery designs?

This takes some time, since a lot depends on the willingness to learn the hard way, the teaching material you have, capability to work your hands around. If the above is there, you can find results springing in less than a couple of weeks. The more you practise, the more will your hand set on to it.

What is the qualification required for doing hand embroidery designs?

There is no specific qualification required to be a good hand designer. On the technical front, you should be having knowhow of stitching. You should be adept at needling your way around the designs. You should have creativity in your thought and the ability to convert this into actual designs on cloth.

Can I make money doing hand designs?

Yes, a lot of people are making money selling the designs or selling the hand itself. You could sell the hand embroidery designs through websites giving information on hand embroidery designs. If you would like to sell through us, please contact us through our contact form below… we will get right back to you.

Are there any trainings online for learning hand embroidery designs?

Yes, there are trainings available on the web plus there are self help books available to enable you to become an expert in hand. There are also programmes designed to help develop your creativity in order to do beautiful designs. If you are interested in any training, pls do inform us through our contact form.

What machines are available for doing hand designs?

None. By definition, hand embroidery designs are done by hand alone.

What is the costing of hand embroidery designs?

This is a parameter of three main characteristics namely the fabric used, the threads deployed and finally the look and feel of the final design.

Where can I sell my hand embroidered designs ?

a) Secrets of Embroidery : This site has over 2000 pages which has a special section, where you could partner with them to sell your hand embroidered designs.

b) ArtisticThreadWorks : You have unlimited design downloads with a small membership fee. You could also participate in their projects to help sell your painstakingly created hand embroidered designs.

c) Shalin-Craft : This is famous for its hand embroidered designs. You could get a good idea of what is the kind of hand embroidered designs that you should make which would attract the market.

d) America's Sewing & Embroidery Center : A hybrid website with a lot of information on hand embroidery designs as well as other forms of embroidery. This should help you in identifying what to make and where to sell.

e) Embroidery Designs Our own digitized designs. $12.95 per set or $45.00 for everything. : Designs By Sick : This is a small site but contains some good unique hand embroidery designs. You could also contact them for inclusion of your hand embroidered designs.

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