Essentials of Machine Embroidery Designs

Really, when I started to write this page, I never expected to cover so much ground on this subject of machine embroidery designs. But here it is!! In this page, we will discuss the essentials that are needed for successful machine embroidery designs. I will run you through the three main parameters that make this up, except the machines, of course, which i will deal with separately. They are

a) Threads

b) Needles

c) Stabilizers

Fabric of course is also part of the essentials of machine embroidery designs, but no less than other types of embroidery designs, so it does not find specific mention here.

Machines will be dealt with separately since it forms a vast area to be covered. These days, we have various kinds of machines coming in both in the general and specialised category. With the advent of the Personal computer, embroidery machines have been getting hooked onto the PC thereby creating a new era.

So now, page by page, i will take you through the three parameters ....

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