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Amazing "Express Yourself" Embroidery Designs!

October 20, 2005 | Amazing Embroidery Designs

"Front Cover" of the book "Painting with Stitches"
This is truly amazing! Creating freestyle stitches by hand and the end result looks like paint brush strokes. Whether you love hand embroidery or not, this book is a must see - Painting with Stitches: Creating Freestyle Embroidery by Hand

The creative side of embroidery designing at its best! According to the author of the book, Sue Dave, techniques or materials should not obsess the designer. Nor should there be a right or a wrong way of embroidering. Expressing oneself through the design is most important. The technique or materials are only means to this end. In todays world of embroidery designing, such work comes through like a breath of fresh air. The principle she follows is: "Feel free to break rules that you dont like."

The Amazing Embroidery Appliscapes

"Chinese Lady" is an example of embroidery appliscape
Last time I wrote about amazing embroidery designs, I mentioned Hunan Silk, which is truly an unique type of embroidery that resembles oil paintings or photography. My second favorite type of embroidery that undoubtedly belongs to the amazing category are embroidery appliscapes. The "Applique" section on has a few of them (click on the above link, choose "Everything for Embroidery", then "appliques" from the left side navigation menu, and scroll down for the appliscapes).

The process of embroidering appliscapes is to break up the design into many pieces, generally 16, do each one separately and then join together seamlessly. Apart from the Chinese appliscape shown here, the Hawaian and the Victorian appliscapes found on the site are both worth your try.

Embroidery appliscapes make great bedsheets or screen curtains, although I saw once a different use of such an appliscape. The person had made an enlarged version of the applique design and secured it underneath the umbrella. Don't ask me why! I am still guessing.

If you have seen any websites featuring embroidery appliscapes, do let me know.

Photo Or Embroidery Design? It is Hunan!

A classic example of Hunan Silk embroidery design
If you ask me which are the most amazing works of embroidery designs I have ever come across, the first that comes to my mind is Hunan Silk embroidery designs. Hunan embroidery form builds on inherited traditional techniques, in pursuit of perfect unity of embroidery technique and art design. Modern Hunan embroidery effects romantic charm and provides realistic expression of lifelike classic figures in vivid texture and brilliant color achievable only by the hand of the artisan. Hunan silk embroidery design is well known for rich colors comparable to an oil painting and realism comparable to photography. The unique technique of Hunan embroidery provides a means for threads of different colors to mix naturally, resulting in a very harmonious effect. There is no real comparison to this form of embroidery art.

Do let me know if you have come across any Hunan Silk embroidery design!

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