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January 07, 2006 | Embroidery Design Software

"Ship" is a free dowloadable standard fill machine embroidery design

If you are interested in converting computer generated images, camera digitized files and clip arts into machine embroidery designs, you have reached the right place. I have been getting a few requests on queries related to converting pictures into embroidery designs and I hope that this post gives some insight into the process.

After doing some research, we found one software that is easy to install, easy to use and most important - easy to understand. Just THREE steps required! Design Authority is a home machine embroidery software, which needs Windows 98, Pentium III computer to work with. The final output can be exported to Brother(.pes), Elna(.sew), Janome(.sew), Melco(.exp), Tajima(.dst), Toyota(.10O), Barudan(.hduxx), Happy(.tap), Sunstar(.sst), Pfaff(.ksm), Juki(amsm3), Mitsubishi(,1xx), Komtekct(.cem)

There is a section on free downloadable embroidery designs, where you can download samples of standard fill, advanced fill and photostitch embroideries! (You could also go to Diana portrait to see the art of photostitch hand embroidering.) The ship you see next to this post is a free standard fill embroidery design converted from a picture and is available in all machine formats.

Embroidery Reader/Writer Box Or Amazing Box For You!

November 22, 2005 | Embroidery Design Software

"Amazing Designs Best Buy 2-Slot MINI-Amazing Box II/2 Memory Card Reader/Writer/Card Converter" - which writes to Hard Drive - is an example of an Amazing Box

Where does the Amazing Box find its place in the world of embroidery designs? - The Embroidery Reader/Writer box also known as Amazing Box sits between the computer/memory card and the embroidery machine and works as a communication link between them.

What is so amazing about the Amazing Box used for embroidery designing? - The Amazing Box allows you to read ANY format memory card, floppy drive, CD or designs from the computer and write them to the specially made flash card for your particular embroidery machine. All Amazing Designs software will work with the Amazing Box. This includes Smart Sizer Gold and Lettering Pro. Truly amazing isn't it? This came as a breath of fresh air for all embroidery enthusiasts and hence this nickname was coined. The information on machine embroidery techniques would come in handy here.

We introduce you here to a resource of Embroidery Reader/Writer boxes - popularly called Amazing Boxes - AllBrands.com - Type "Amazing Box" in the search box and you would find a range of products to choose from depending on your requirement. Hope this helps you in enhancing your embroidery design work!

Learning Embroidery Digitizing Software Through Projects!

October 06, 2005 | Embroidery Designs Software

"Candle Holder" is an example of an embroidery digitized software project
If you want to learn how to digitize your favourite embroidery designs in order to sew them using your embroidery machine, you must visit SecretsOf.com - (Click on "Everything for Embroidery", choose "Tutorials" for a range of choices which include tutorials for embroidery digitizing software.)

Here you can learn to digitize your own designs through the fun way of learning - practical projects - which include the candle holders shown beside this post using embroidery software.

For the candles embroidery design, here is the summary explanation of the download project - "The download consists of detailed step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures showing you how to create the candle holders. There are two .bmp files included with the shape of the poinsettia files you need, and the final designs are included as well (just in case you want to embroidery first and learn to digitize your own later!) The design consists of 2 files in the following formats: .ART, .PES, .XXX and detailed assembly instructions. All designs fit within a 5" x 7" hoop (the designs are slightly less than 5" x 5")."

The PC Machine Embroidery Design Guide would come in quite handy here.

Fun Filled Projects On Embroidery Designs Using the Computer

August 01, 2005 | Embroidery Designs Software

Sew Much Fun: A good book on Embroidery Design Software
One of my friends recently gifted me this Embroidery Design Software book - Sew Much Fun: 14 Projects to Stitch & Machine Embroider and I was overwhelmed since it answered quite a few questions I had hidden inside me in an easy lucid manner. You definitely must not miss it! One of the most important points is that it begins from embroidery design basics. The language and graphics used are very good which made reading interesting. Take a look at the language in the basics: "When you machine embroider, several major factors influence the quality of the finished design: they include embroidery machine (or module) maintenance, the embroidery design itself, the products used and the user technique." Then the book further goes on to exemplify the four details through photographs. Makes it quite comprehensive, doesn't it? It would be helpful to know something about machine embroidery designing to grasp the contents of the book easily, especially the 14 projects. The one I liked best was Fisherman's Wall Clock. The book also comes with a bonus CDROM with 40 free embroidery designs. If you do read this book, I would be delighted to have your comments on the projects that you loved to embroider.

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