Wheaten Terrier Embroidery Designs

Wheaten Terrier Embroidery Designs From The Personal Perspective Of Two Embroidery Design Enthusiasts.


Some Cute Dog Machine Embroidery Designs!

"Naughty Dog" is an example of a wheaten terrier embroidery design

Just check this wonderful resource on wheaten terrier embroidery designs at ABC Cross Stitch Patterns. Aren't they cute? Most of the designs here are done using machine embroidery and some of them using cross stitch embroidery techniques. All of the dog embroideries are done exceptionally well. I found the small doggies set ideal for baby embroidery designs. Of the rest, the "Love You" and "Naughty Dog" embroidery designs need special mention.

Naughty Dog, which you find next to this post is built of 17 colors with dimensions of 70w X 98h. The expressions of the dog comes out through this piece of art. This pattern is available in all machine formats like art, pes, pec, hus, jef, dst, exp, xxx, vip, shv.

Wheaten Terrier Portraits For You!

"Dog in Action" is an example of wheaten terrier embroidery design
I just came across a large pack of wheaten terrier embroidery designs, which I wanted to share with you. You cannot miss these lovely dogs. Enter SecretsOf.com (Go to "Everything for Embroidery", click on Designs, choose Designers A-F, then choose Birdhouse Cottage and finally scroll down below for Dogs in Action or Dog Portraits - whew, that was a long journey!). What I really like in these embroidery designs is that each dog seems to express itself, just like human beings. It could be the smug look of the Bull Mastif, the shy smile of the Daxie Smooth or the calm look of the Afghan. These wheaten terrier embroidery designs are really impressive. All designs are done using machine embroidery and you can choose from art, hus, jef, pcs, pes or sew formats for any of the embroidery designs. You also have flexibility in the choice of the size, either 4 by 4 inches OR 6 by 8 inches. There is one free terrier embroidery design available for download on the above mentioned page of SecretsOf.com.

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