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Rose Cutwork Embroidery Designs For You!

January 05, 2006 | Cutwork Embroidery Designs

"Rose Cutwork" is an example of a cutwork embroidery design

A great resource on cutwork embroidery designs for you here from Sadia Sews. Sadia Andrews, born in Sialkot, Pakistan has a rich cultural background of Russian, Kashmiri and Persian which reflects in her arts. With a range of interests spanning from flowering, cutwork, quilting and other forms of embroidery, this is a treatise to enjoy. A special mention on the rose cutwork collection, one of which lies next to this post. These are striking embroideries with the perfect mix of colours to bring out the essence of the roses. There are a few free downloadable cutwork embroidery designs in the same collection.

You could also visit All Free Embroidery Designs to check out some more available freebies.

Stunning Cutwork Embroidery Designs - Diverse Categories

November 24, 2005 | Cutwork Embroidery Designs

"Broderie Anglaise" is an example of cutwork embroidery design

Cutwork embroidery designs are most of the times invisible - yes you heard it right - Invisible. This technique originated by initially embroidering the design, then cutting out pieces of excess cloth and finally finishing the edges with different stitches or connecting bars of thread in a creative manner to give the end result a beautiful look. Cutwork can be placed on apparels, handkerchiefs, bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers - you name it. Even as you are reading this, there would be a cutwork design somewhere around you but not noticeable.

If you remember, I had mentioned about the Lucknowi Chikan work at Indian embroidery designs. The cutwork resource - LaceFairy - has designs that look similar to those patterns, but the style and technique of stitching is quite different from Indian. The Spanish cutwork is distinguished by it's hemmed satin stitch edges and the Venetian cutwork is characterised by its thick buttonhole stitches. We also have the Moorish Cutwork with colorful filings of silk and gold with gold embroidered cords forming loops and the Hedebo category which are essentially Danish cutwork with satin stitches which include fillings of wheels, triangles and ladders. But the one that stands out over the rest and which has been displayed next to this post is the Broderie Anglaise, which is a Whitework technique and uses the presence of eyelet holes of various shapes and sizes amidst floral embroidery designs to give the motif a stunning look! This is indeed a time consuming and complex work involving hours of involvement of the designer.

You might be interested in knowing more about other forms of hand embroidery.

What On Earth Are Cutwork Embroidery Designs?

"Lily" is a beautiful example of cutwork embroidery
I happened to hear of cutwork embroidery designs through one of my close friends almost a month ago, but I couldn't really figure out what it was until I read this definition: "Cutwork embroidery is a beautiful form of needlework where portions of the background fabric are cut away and discarded, with the edges worked over in buttonhole stitches." Sounds a bit difficult to understand.... It will unless you see it.

Cutwork embroidery is a form of hand embroidery. The most interesting definition is undoubtedly the one in the Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework: Dictionary of Needlework by Sophia Frances Anne Caulfeild and Blanche C. Saward. According to this source, cutwork was a term first used by English writers when referring to the earliest known laces known as Point Coup�, Opus Seissum, and Punto Tagliato. The method for making this cut work begins with fastening a certain number of threads in a frame, crossed and interlaced, tack them to a piece of lawn, and finally do the buttonhole stitch around the edges. The lawn is cut away leaving the buttonholed lace, which may or may not have picots.

If you really want to learn cutwork embroidery designs, you could go through Embellishments A to Z : An Embellishment Idea Book. This to my mind acts like an excellent tutorial although actually it isn't one. A School-like teaching of Cutwork is available in Lessons on Cutwork. This starts from the basics quite methodically beginning from the basics giving step by step instructions with intermediary images to help you.

Do you know of any good resources or examples of cutwork embroidery designs? If so, please let me know (using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page).

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