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A Treatise On Indian Embroidery Designs - The Complete Website

January 03, 2006 | Embroidery Designs Websites

"Mirror embroidery" from Gujarat province is an example of an Indian hand embroidery design

At the start of this new year, we have for you a one stop shop for all Indian embroidery designs at Indian Embroidery. India is famous for fabric decoration using traditional weaving, dyeing and embroidery. What is interesting is that each province of India has its own unique style of embroidery coming down from ancient times. In traditional Indian embroidery, the threads are dyed in natural vibrant colors and the embroidery is done using a variety of stitches unique to that form of embroidery. The simple running stitch of kantha or the satin and chain of Kashmiri Kashidakari depict the passion and life of the people of the state. The Chikan work of Lucknow resembles the fine marble carvings of the Mughal dynasty at Uttar Pradesh and Phulkari embroidery springs forth from the florals of Punjab. The intricate patterns and stitches of Katiawari and Sindhi embroidery entrap the beauty of the desert landscape of Rajasthan. The Mirror embroidery designs of Gujarat reflects the Persian influence on the state.

All the patterns are hand embroidered.

The various forms of embroidery that you would find at this website are Kantha, Banjara, Kathi, Aari, Rabari, Kasuti, Soof, Zardozi, Chikankari, Mirror, Phulkari, Bidri, Kashmiri, Banni and Ahir embroideries. The history behind each of these designs is explained before proceeding on to the process of stitching each of them. This website should, to the best of my knowledge, cover all the varieties of Indian embroideries. If you do come to know of any more, please do let me know through the contact button below.

The Magic Of Silk Embroidery Designs - Embroidery Portaits - Hand Embroidery Special

November 29, 2005 | Embroidery Designs Web Sites

"Diana" is an example of an embroidery portrait done through silk embroidery designing technique

This embroidery website has been haunting me for quite some time and I couldn't resist writing about it - Embroidery Artwork. The classic hand embroidered Hunan silk embroidery designs also called as Magic Art is a perfect union of embroidery designing and art. The threads used are made of silk, floss or delicate cotton thread depending on the aspect of needlework. Embroidery artisans, usually more than one, work for several months in unison to create one design! The final output as you can see from the example next to this post - is breathtaking. This is indeed a private collectors fantasy. Just like the portrait of Diana, (this one in particular generally takes one year to complete after an order is placed) embroidery portraits for customers can be done on a made-to-order basis. Apart from this, the website also portrays sceneries, lakes, flowers and meadows in all its splendour.

This is definitely among the best in the collection of embroidery designs web sites.

An Awesome Collection of Needlepoint Tapestry Embroidery Designs!

October 18, 2005 | Embroidery Designs Web Sites

"Beautiful Girl" is a bestseller at the Royal Gallery

A friendly acquaintance drew my attention to this beautiful needlepoint tapestry website - Friendly Services. An excellent and wide range of embroidery designs in various categories ranging from crewel embroidery to cats, horses, christmas designs and other best sellers. (The name of the website is misleading though!)

Tapestry is an ancient art. Tradition has it that in Greek mythology, Penelope awaited her husband Ulysses while weaving tapestries. The tapestries were not only decorative, but played a practical role in covering the walls of huge castles. Medieval cartoon-painters and weavers produced the very same masterpieces that are shown on this web site. The ones I liked best were the best sellers.

Tapestry kits contain the canvas printed in full colour, yarn, needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white canvas called Old Penelope or White Penelope - the name coined from the mythological tale. The yarn is 100% pure wool. The kits may be stitched in either half-cross or tent stitch.

The goal of Friendly Services is to provide you with the best quality in hand craft products.

Ms Klein And Her Amazing Embroidery Designs

"A Most Unusual Watering Hole" hangs in the Library Of Congress
I was searching for some unusual embroidery designs in Google when I came across this interesting lady and her website. Her name is M. A. Klein and her works hang in many corporate, public and private collections including the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, and in churches and community buildings.

Klein used to design and manufacture needlecraft kits sold throughout the United States under the labels of Hanson Handcrafts, Monterey Bay Needleworks (Designs by Mary-Alice) and Sunbow, Inc. At the same time she was raising seven girls and one boy, all teenagers at that time!

Since 1979, she began to concentrate on one-of-a-kind textile wall hangings in mixed-media fiber collage which combine collage (applique), acrylic painting, embroidery (both hand and machine), and quilting. Occasionally she adds needleweaving, drawn threads, beads and such.

Quite an unique stuff, indeed!

I felt it a different experience to view her embroidery designs and other works of art, not only because of their one-of-a-kind design but because each of them seemed to convey some meaning that resonated from her heart. The designs seemed to be real life episodes experienced by Klein translated onto her embroidery works. Especially the Watering Hole, which currently hangs inside the Library of Congress, is a must see! So simple, yet so beautiful. Among other works that I especially liked were Religious Works, Story Time and People & Children.

What do you think about her site? Which of Klein's embroidery designs are your favorites? Just click on the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page to send me your thoughts.

Free Embroidery Designs Forum Buzzing With Activity

Example of an embroidery design showcased on SewForum.com
Having nothing better to do this morning, I searched for embroidery designs forums on Google. While many of the returned results were either paid embroidery design web sites or sites that are struggling to attract a wide enough audience to make their discussions more lively, one embroidery designs forum definitely got my attention.

With over 5,000 registered members and close to 70,000 posts, SewForum.com is one of the largest and most lively embroidery designs forums I have ever visited. Those of you who have prior experience with other discussion forums will find the site's layout familiar, pleasant, and extremely user-friendly. All the posts are organized into sections and each section is further broken down into sub-categories.

The two most interesting sections are definitely the 'Project Showcase' and 'SewForum.com'. As the name suggests, the 'Project Showcase' is where people show off their embroidery designs. As I write this, there are altogether 474 posts. Showing off, however, is not the only thing one can do inside the 'Project Showcase' as the other sub-category is devoted to free embroidery designs. There, you can download and use for free (as long as you observe the copyright) any of the hundreds of free embroidery designs.

While 'Project Showcase' is definitely interesting, the real gold can be found in the 'SewForum.com' section. It is divided into eight sub-categories, including: Embroidery, Sewing, Knitting, Quilting, Serging, Crafting & Home Decor, Industrial, and Starting Your Own Business. Of course, for me personally, the most interesting is the Embroidery category and to say that I was positively surprised, is a gross understatement. Got a question about poor stitch quality? Not sure which stabilizer to use? What about metallic threads? If your question isn't already answered in one of those 5,500+ posts, you can be sure that several of the active forum members will get back to you with their qualified advice within hours of you asking your question.

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