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Embroidered Animals And Embroidered Birds - A Masterclassic Of Embroidery

December 10, 2005 | Animal Embroidery Designs

"Embroidered Birds" is part of the Masterclassic series of books by Helen Stevens

Are you a fan of bird or animal embroidery? Do you also love reading English literature? If yes, we have the right mix for you. Two well written books called Embroidered Birds and Embroidered Animals by Helen Stevens are enchanting not only in terms of stitching but in the expression of language itself. The author is a textile artist and she reveals how to create the splendour of nature in your home embroideries. The beauty of the birds as they swoop and soar in various directions take importance first and then later comes the advice on how to embroider them. In explaining how to silk embroider a male pheasant, the head and neck is described as a symphony of rich, juxtaposed colors with smooth merged stitching. The throat, breast and belly is explained to be made of indistinct colours which flow less abruptly. Isn't there a distinct admiration towards the natural habitat? Helen teaches on how to create stunning animal and bird portraits using fine silk thread. (You can view a post on silk embroidery at our websites category.)

As I said, you just cannot put these books down. A very interesting read indeed!

Cute Animal Embroidery Designs For You!

October 01, 2005 | Animal Embroidery Designs

"Cartoon Elephant" is an example of an animal embroidery design

I chanced my eyes on a herd of animal embroidery designs at Artistic Thread Works - Scroll down to click on "Baby Critters Embroidery Design". What was really good was that all of them were cute lovable cartoon embroideries. As a guest, you can download a free embroidery design choosing pes, hus, pcs, dst, jef, sew formats. The information in machine embroidery would come in quite handy for you here. What is unique here is that with one click you can download the particular design in all formats all at once!

Embroidery Creatures Who Fly and Stalk

A wonderful example of an animal embroidery design
Here's one of the most beautiful and colorful creatures I have seen (apart from human beings). It came to me through a newsletter.

If you are into animal embroidery designs, you definitely should visit (click on "Everything for Embroidery" and then on "animals" from the left-side navigation menu). This is the largest collection of animals I have ever seen - even larger than all the zoos I have visited (and, mind you, I am an avid zoo-goer). The ones that I liked the most were the cuddlesome critters applique designs, including some cute giraffes, elephants, and horses.

Another place you may want to check out is (use their search function to search for "animal").

The best part in doing animal embroidery is the face since managing the expressions on the face can be quite exciting and can make or break the design. What are your views on animal embroidery designing? You can click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page to let me know.

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