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A Bouquet Of Free Cross Stitch Machine Embroidery Designs For You!

January 11, 2006 | Free Embroidery Designs

"Magic Fingers" is an example of a free cross stitch machine embroidery design

A huge and well made selection of free machine embroidery designs at Embroider This. It is really heartening to see so many good embroidery designs - many of them cross stitch - available in all formats for FREE. The color information and the zipped file of each design can be downloaded to your machine. The information on machine embroidery techniques would come in handy here.

The "magic fingers" cross stitch freebie next to this post is 3.90 x 3.90 inches with 16 colors. This is ideal for a 4" by 4" hoop. This is available for download in pes, pcs, hus, dst, xxx, jef, exp, art formats. The butterfly at dawn machine embroidery design and the spring song cross stitch freebie are also worth stitching.

Database Of Free Embroidery Designs - A Treasure For You To Download!

December 22, 2005 | Free Embroidery Designs

"Swirly Christmas Tree" is one of the downloadable machine embroidery designs at the forums

Among the fastest growing databases of free machine embroidery designs, here is one I came across at the Embroidery Forums. A couple of the free embroidery designs are related to the mega Christmas season, but most of the others are good ones contributed by our community of embroidery enthusiasts. In the last 3 weeks, we have 13 patterns contributed and made available for you in various embroidery formats.

The one that caught my eye was the free downloadable swirly Christmas tree design available in jef, vip and pes formats. (The information on PC machine embroidery would come in handy here) The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity. With just a couple of twirls and a few stars, the entire tree comes into view. Thanks to Monkella, who contributed this.

This is also the right moment for me to announce the launch of All Free Embroidery Designs - a showcase project of free embroidery designs. I would be delighted to have your feedback on our new venture!

Free Machine Embroidery Designs - Cutwork and Hoop Special!

December 1, 2005 | Free Embroidery Designs

"Butterfly" is an example of a free machine embroidery design using cutwork technique

Another great resource for you on free machine embroidery designs - ABC Embroidery. A repository of good embroideries indeed! Almost all the free patterns are perfectly suitable for 4x4 embroidery hoops. The information and tutorial on endless hoop embroidery designs would be helpful here.

The butterfly next to this post is a cutwork special - 2.91" x 2.84", contains 7246 stitches and is made of one single color. You can download this in all embroidery formats - ART, PES, HUS, JEF, XXX, DST, EXP, SHV, VIP or PCS. Special cutwork embroidery instructions have been included along with this download.

The information on digitizing embroidery software would come in useful if you are interested in knowing more about how one interfaces the PC with the embroidery machine.

Downloadable Machine Embroidery Designs And Free Software For Converting Embroidery Formats For Your Machine

November 12, 2005 | Free Embroidery Designs

"Rooster" is one of the available free machine embroidery designs

For all lovers of machine embroidery patterns, this is a great resource of free downloadable embroidery designs, (all in NGS format) - If you want to convert the format from NGS to something compatible with your embroidery machine, pls go to Coats EDV - You can register yourself OR use this login - "" and password -"welcome" - all small case letters - and download the free software - Coats EDV16. Armed with this software, you can see the digitized embroidery designs used to programme major makes of embroidery machines. You can also use it for tracking your designs and exchanging information with key friends and customers without worrying about the machine format. As for the free embroidery patterns, the best I liked was the rooster beside the post. Very colourful and complete in all respects. The shaded effect and the feathers are done exceptionally well.

Thanks to one and all for the overwhelming comments on my various posts. Keep writing back to me on your expectations OR on any topic that you found interesting! You can use the "Contact Us" button right at the bottom of any Embroidery Designs Guide page.

Free Machine Embroidery Designs Full Of Emotion!

September 20, 2005 | Free Embroidery Designs

"Coy Rabbit brimming with love" is an example of free machine embroidery design
I just came across these free machine embroidery designs at Embroidery Emotions, which I wanted to share with you. This place has unique looking embroidery designs full of emotion, which you really should not miss. Some of the free pes embroidery designs can be downloaded immediately. Designs can be downloaded in other formats too. There are special offers, packages and new embroidery designs, all related to machine embroidery.

It is "HUS" For You!

August 02, 2005 | Free Embroidery Designs

"The Whole Zoo" in HUS
I just found some good free husqvarna embroidery designs, which I wanted to share with you. The "Chimney Sweep" has a simple yet elegant look to it. By the way, it was only recently that i found out that "Husqvarna" (which sounds Russian to me) is in fact a Swedish company founded in 1689 and its name is a spelling variant of the company's hometown, Huskvarna."

If you want some more Husqvarna embroidery designs, you could go to Designs By Sick. They have a good collection (one of which is next to this post) at an affordable price.

A Basket Full of Embroidery Designs

"Moon" is a Free Embroidery Design
I just came across this website when i was actually searching for something else. I don't remember what is was specifically searching for -- something to do with categories of embroidery designs. This site had a good look and feel and more important, it had subcategorised its basket of embroidery designs. Lot of free embroidery designs and for the rest, only 5 dollars for 4200 designs. The free embroidery designs can be downloaded easily and seemed okay to me. (one shouldn't say anything bad about something that is free. That's just not on). They also claim to have the worlds greatest subscription. By the way, they have a lot of designs using SHV, VIP, HUS, PES, SEW, JEF, PCS, DST, ART and XXX and you might just want to get some information on machine embroidery designs. Do let me know how you rate this site.

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