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Some Great Looking Eagle Embroidery Designs For Your Applique Collection!

October 25, 2005 | Eagle Embroidery Designs

"American Eagles - Head" is an example of eagle embroidery design
Hi everybody, I just came across some great looking eagle embroidery designs at an Embroidery Library - Click on "Creatures of Air". These designs can be stitched using tajima, melco, brother, artista, viking, pfaff, jenome formats and the information on machine embroidery would come in very handy here. What I liked about these embroidery designs was the striking nature in which the birds have been sewed. The eagle here is 3.5" wide x 3.45"height and it is done up with a total of 23545 stitches. Isn't she a beauty? What is remarkable is that each feather of her body is clearly stitched out which provides for a great visual appeal. All the designs can be used as machine applique embroideries and the information on applique embroidery designs would come in useful here. You can also go through a free tutorial on applique instructions far down below on the home page of Embroidery Library.

Embroidering the Eagle

August 03, 2005 | Eagle Embroidery Designs

"The Bald Eagle" is an example of eagle embroidery design
The bald eagle seems to have fascinated embroidery design enthusiasts all over the world. On embroidering the eagle, I felt that weaving the eagle embroidery design can be quite a task because of the complex task of embroidering the feathers, beak and eyes. This is generally done using machine embroidery designing techniques.This design is primarily famous for its use on denim shirts, over the pocket and also for its use on T-shirts. More so, this has become popular as a patriotic design in USA. Just check these headlines I recently found on a website displaying eagle embroidery designs - These beautiful, highly detailed patriotic redwork embroidery designs patterns that will delight any patriotic history buff!

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