PC Machine Guide to Machine Embroidery Designs - Part 1

How does one download PC machine embroidery designs from Internet to PC ?

Many websites give free embroidery designs that you can download OR you could download the same at a given price. Some of these programs allow you to import these PC machine embroidery designs in the specified format like pes, hus etc (more about this later) and some others allow you to convert it into the type your machine understands. The PC Design software allows you to Import some other software designs into your Layout and Editing.

Once you target the particular free machine embroidery design OR you have paid for the particular embroidery design, you will get an option for download. All you have to do is to click and download the file in whatever is the specified format. Do not try to change format, while you are in the internet itself. Please copy it verbatim onto the particular folder that you have earmarked in your PC.

How does one download from PC to Machine?

Here is the matrix that you need to know before we move ahead.

Machine Format Brother, Babylock, Deco ---- PES, PEM, PEL, PEC

Pfaff ---- PCS, PCQ (maxi) PCD (9 mm), VIP

Bernina Artista ---- ART

Bernina ---- PES, PEC

PE Design, Deco Wizard and Palette ---- PES

Husqvarna Viking ---- HUS

Viking Designer ---- SHV

New home, Janome, Elna ---- SEW

Janome 10000 ---- JEF

Singer ---- CSD, XXX

Melco ---- EXP

Tajima ---- DST

Wilcom ---- EMB

Great Notions ---- GNC

Voila! Now things are self explanatory. Once you have downloaded the particular zip file from the internet, either you directly connect your machine to the PC (your machine manual will have all this in detail) or you use the format convertor software to convert to the particular machine format that you need. On the machine front, all you need to know is that you will need a blank card which will be inserted into the reader/writer box. This will transfer the data onto the blank card, which once inserted into the machine sews the necessary pattern. There you are. That is all there was to it.

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