PC Machine Guide To Machine Embroidery Designs - Part 2


How does one upload PC machine embroidery designs from Machine to Internet?

You have created that beautiful embroidery design that you would like to upload onto the internet. You would either want to use it as a sales promotion or a freebie for your visitors. How do you do it? Very simple. PC Machine Embroidery Designs is the answer. Just the reverse of what we did for downloading. I do not want to repeat everything in detail since you might get bored. Suffice to say that you need to insert the blank card to get the design transferred to it, then transfer the card to the reader/writer box of the PC to save it in your file. Finally upload the file onto to your website.


Now another important question comes to view : �What is a magic box?."

� The Magic Box is a device that is used with a personal computer to transfer designs from one card type to another or to transfer a design file from a computer to a Magic Card.

� The Magic Box converts all embroidery cards so that they can be used on any sewing machine in the marketplace. It will allow you to take a design card for most any make of machine and convert it so that it will work on your sewing machine.

� You purchase the Magic Box so that it matches your machine. For example, if you own a Pfaff, you will purchase the Bernina Magic Box that is configured to work on a Pfaff. Then you can convert any design card from any other manufacturer so that your Pfaff will recognize it. This means that Pfaff owners can purchase Bernina or New Home or Brother cards and use them. Bernina owners can purchase those cards and use them on their Artista or Deco Machines.

� The conversion process consists of putting the disks into the Magic Box and then saving them to a blank disk which you then insert into your machine's embroidery unit.

� An empty serial port is required for the Magic Box to be connected to the computer.

� You cannot size or edit designs with the Magic Box software

� The Magic Box cannot be used with the Viking Designer 1.

� Reads and writes most all embroidery machine card formats.

� Import designs stored on a computer's hard drive, a floppy disk, or CD- ROM.

� One Magic Card (blank card) compatible with your embroidery machine is included in the price of the Magic Box.

� A Magic Card can hold up to six (6) designs at a time.

� Works with most all embroidery machines and existing embroidery software. Works with the following embroidery file formats: PES, PCS, HUS, SEW, CSD, XXX, PCM, EXP, and DST.

The Magic Box can READ the following compatible design cards:

� Babylock,Bernette Deco,Bernina artista,Brother,Elna

� Janome/New Home 8000

� Janome/New Home 9000

� Kenmore

� Pfaff

� Simplicity

� Singer

� Viking

The Magic Box can WRITE to the following compatible Magic Cards:

� Brother/Babylock/Deco/Viking compatible Magic Card

� Artista/Pfaff compatible Magic Card

� Janome/New Home 8000/9000/Elna/Kenmore compatible Magic Card

� Singer compatible Magic Card

Magic Box Overview



What is the amazing box?

� Converts embroidery designs from format to format.

� Expand your selection of embroidery designs & utilize memory cards which were once incompatible with your system.

� The memory card reader/writer box allows you to read compatible designs off your hard drive, most other memory cards, floppy discs & CD�s making them compatible with your home embroidery machine.

� The Amazing Box writes to an Amazing Box Authorized Card made specifically for your machine format.

� The Amazing Box Authorized Re- writable Memory Cards allow you to save up to six customized designs.

� Before you sew your designs, edit, size, and add lettering with the advantages of all Amazing Designs software (sold separately), such as, Smart-Sizer Gold, Size Express, and Lettering Pro. Compatible with all Amazing Designs Disk Packs and Memory Card Collections, too.

� Amazing Box is compatible with the following home sew formats: Baby Lock, Brother, Bernina Deco, Simplicity, Viking 1+, Rose, 605, Elna, Janome, New Home, Kenmore, Artista, Pfaff and Singer XL100

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